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Production Enhancement WELL A-13


  • An offshore petroleum Company suffered for over decades from Insoluble Iron sulfide scale, which is a significant problem in oil and Gas industry whereas the iron sulfide depositions have adverse impact To the production operations.
  • Oil wells have been produced for last 20 years in Egypt. Scales with iron sulfides as the major components form in nearly Every producing well.
  • Well A-13 was completed initially in "Nubia" formation (strong water drive), then it ceased flowing naturally due to high water cut. "Nubia" was isolated and another formation called "Lower-Senonian" was opened to resume the natural flow.
  • Since "Lower-Senonian" is communicated with "Nubia “; the natural flow sustained for only a year due to high water cut, and hence the well was converted to Jet Pump.
  • From time to time; the well was suffering from scale accumulation problems, which extremely aggravated with the Jet Pump work.
  • During the last workover to replace the JP completion; a lot of scale was found inside the casing which resulted in many obstacles in the workover (that costs Zeitco a million dollars) and ended up with almost complete plugging to the formation.
Production Enhancement WELL A-13


  • Well # A-13 was completed & drilled in Nubia formation, the well was producing using artificial lift, the production stopped last year due to scale formation problem. The work over started to replace the completion.
  • Scale sample was obtained, investigated, and sent to many service companies (in & Outside Egypt) to find any solution for the scale problem. After many trials from all companies they regret to continue as they haven’t any Scale dissolver for this problem
Production Enhancement WELL A-13


SCS division, SAPESCO R&D Present New Scale dissolver product (SCSR-02), an extensive laboratory studies were conducted to determine the most and appropriate scale dissolver which is required to have high scale dissolving power, no damage to Downhole completion, and well productivity

Production Enhancement WELL A-13


After completing the well treatment as per the program design; the well was put back on production using an artificial lift (Jet Pump) and results were amazing; as follows:

  • The wellbore was cleaned from scale deposits by more than 85%.
  • The well production was restored with more than 10 times of its production before treatment.
  • The reservoir productivity was enhanced from 0.06 to 0.5-0.6 bpd/psi.
  • The well started a natural flow production for about three months, then it was switched to JP.