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Production Pipe Recovery SAG-01

Case In Brief

8” Production Pipeline:

  • The problem started since Oct. 2006 during workover for well SE-5A.
  • Partial plugging for the 8” production line from May 2007 till Nov. 2010.
  • On Nov. 2007 using EDTA + HCl for cleaning 100 m led to incremental increase in production (Temporary Solution).
  • On Nov. 2009 using soda ash + HCl for cleaning 3 Km led to incremental increase in production (Temporary Solution).
  • The operating company assigned SAPESCO Company for cleaning the production line by new scale dissolver SAG-01 for the 1st time in the world.
  • On Nov. 2010 using SAG-01 for cleaning 11.5 Km and the incremental increased in production about ± 2,000 BOPD and return the production line to original size. Launch many 8” pigs and received successfully
Production Pipe Recovery SAG-01


  • SAPESCO rigged up its equipment in the onshore process area, saving the cost of barge and logistics overhead expenses.
  • Continuous precipitation of caso4 caused partial plugging of the pipeline; this created a back pressure on the production wells and has decreased the productivity. Problem solution is a great challenge.
Production Pipe Recovery SAG-01


  • SAG-01 formula, one of SCS innovative solutions, can achieve
  • high dissolution capacity upon calcium sulfate scale.
  • SAG-01 was tested and applied through an effective treatment strategy to remove the scale efficiently; the program was taking into consideration the nature of the Scale
  • SAG-01 is a powerful scale dissolver than other dissolvers.
  • SAG-01 solution is considered to be an innovation & new Scale dissolver solution for the hard scale especially the calcium sulphate scale.
Production Pipe Recovery SAG-01


SAG-01 was used effectively to remove the scale that resulted in significant increase in oil production and the job results were outstanding as follows:

  • Production increased by about 2,000 BOPD.
  • Launcher pressure dropped by about 350 psi.
  • Producing wells’ backpressure decreased.
  • Efficient cost /bbl.
Production Pipe Recovery SAG-01


  • SAG-01 is a Strong & powerful chelating dissolver used for the hardness calcium sulfate scale.
  • SAG-01 recorded an outstanding results and return the production to its original level.