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Unique Formulations

Scale Dissolvers Calcium Carbonates Scales Removal Blends of Carboxylic Acids, Carboxylates and Amino acids Scale Dissolver SCSR-01
Calcium Sulfate Scale Removal Scale Dissolver SAG-01
Barium & Strontium Sulfate Scale Removal Scale Dissolver SCSR-03
Vanadium Pentoxide & Trabzonite Scale Removal Scale Dissolver SCSR-07
Iron Sulfide Scale Removal Scale Dissolver SCSR-02
Barium Sulfate Scale Removal Scale Dissolver SCSR-04
Flow Assurance Paraffin Control Modified Poly Carboxylates Poly Acrylate/Poly Vinyl SCS-PPD 600 SCS-482…
Demulsifier Modified Resin Poly Amines, Polyols, Poly Alkoxylates SCS-1001, SCS-1002, SCS- 1003, SCS-1004, SCS-1005, SCS-1006 …
Water Clarifier Modified Polymer, Poly Carboxylate SCS-9000, SCS-9001…
Asphaltene Control Modified Polymers SCS-AS 600
Defoamer Silicone Base, Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylates SCS-5000, SCS-5001…
Asset Integrity Corrosion Inhibitor Imidazoline, Modified Imidazoline, Quaternary Ammonium Salt, Amine Blends SCS-2000, SCS-2001, SCS- 2003, SCS-2004, SCS-2005, SCS-2009….
Scale Inhibitor Poly Carboxylates, Phosphonate derivatives SCS-4002, SCS-4003…
Biocide Quaternary Ammonium Salt, THPS, Glutaraldehyde SCS-7004,SCS-7006, SCS-7008, SCS-7005, SCS-7007, SCS- 7009….
Oxygen Scavenger Ammonium Bisulphite, Sodium Meta Bisulphite SCS-8000, SCS-8001, SCS- 8002….
H2S Scavenger Triazine, Catalyzed Triazine SCS-HS 500 SCS-HS 600…
Multifunction Blends of Corrosion Inhibitor Intermediates and Quaternary Ammonium Salts Phosphonate Derivatives SCS-2007, SCS-2010….