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Positive Chemistry Industries

Positive Chemistry Company S.A.E “Positive Chemistry” is undergoing Sahara Group as an arm of Sahara Chemical Solutions which is a regional leader with over twenty five years of experience in providing the oil and gas industry with a wide range of oilfield services using state-of-the-art techniques and proven technologies.


Desalination plant

For an industry that deals mainly with brine and salt water, scale is one of the main problems in desalination plants. As the pioneers in the field of scale dissolving we offer the desalination plants multiple services such as:-

  • Unique descaling solutions
  • Asset integrity management


Dealing with different organic and chemical materials, fertilizers plants suffer from different problems that affect the processes, one of which is the scale problem that SCS provides unique solutions for its removal in addition to:-

  • Cooling towers cleaning
  • Biocides

Facility management

Our services are not exclusive to industrial sectors or equipment. We offer a complete profile for facility management that contains a variety of chemical solutions used in malls, commercial buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, banks, and others. Our services include

  • Waste treatment
  • Pipes and hoods cleaning
  • And many others