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Production enhancement (unique descaling solutions)


  • Provides full scale chemical flooding EOR solutions including laboratory testing, site imple-mentation, produced production chemicals, scale dissolvers and services.
  • SCS’ proven strengths are innovative, specialized and sustainable chemical solutions with consist-ent product quality.
  • Best-in-class well site operations are crucial to maximize recovery of oil and gas reserves, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Specialty chemicals that impacts unique capabilities and functionalities are an integral part of this goal.


  • For oilfield production, SCS provides an array of high-performance chemicals to help opera-tors and service companies meet their techni-cal challenges.
  • Due to high variances of crude oil properties, most of the chemicals used in oilfield are individually formulated. SCS’ specialists are fully experienced in laboratory screening and on site monitoring.
  • SCS always aims at providing the most efficient and cost-effective products to maximize client’s benefit.


  • SCS has robust research manpower in the oilfield production; this ensures delivery of first-class chemical solutions.
  • SCS research centre performs theoretical research, products development, technical service and quality inspection.
  • SCS specialists have thorough understanding of oil production operations and chemical solu-tions’ applications.


  • Calcium Carbonates Scales Removal
  • Calcium Sulfate Scale Removal
  • Barium & Strontium Sulfate Scale Removal
  • Vanadium Pentoxide & Trabzonite Scale Removal
  • Iron Sulfide Scale Removal
  • Barium Sulfate Scale Removal