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Flow Assurance


  • Paraffins are naturally occurring in saturated linear or branched alkaline molecules.
  • The presence of paraffins does not indicate the potential for a paraffin problem, and most paraffinic crude are produced without precipi-tation or the need for chemical or physical treat-ment.
  • Paraffin can become problematic when the fluids are subjected to various physical chang-es required to produce crude oil with specific specs and without precipitation of paraffinic crude.
  • Paraffin precipitation poses a major challenge to oil production. It can cause numerous issues such as decreased flow rates and even pipeline blockage.
  • SCS possesses high-performance chemical additives that help tackle even the most chal-lenging paraffinic crudes and condensates either in paraffin re-mediation or continuous treatment systems.


  • During the production of crude oil, a multi-phase fluid is produced. Co-produced with the oil are natural gas and an amount of water, usually saline, which as the reservoir is depleted, can be present in quite large propor-tions.
  • Separating oil from water can be very time critical because of residence time, especially on offshore platforms. In addition, the separa-tion process onshore must be optimized and therefore needs effective Demulsifiers.
  • The demulsifier bases of SCS products are especially designed for specific properties: fast dropping, excellent overall treatment and dehydrating/desalting.


  • D emulsification and separation of the hydro-carbon phase during primary separation of produced fluids usually does not leave an aque-ous phase sufficiently free of hydrocarbons to meet the discharge limits required for water disposal.
  • SCS provides a range of water clarifier/De-oiler products working with different mechanisms: flocculation and/or coagulation.

Asphaltene CONTROL

  • When asphalter molecules are destabilized, the asphalter molecules precipitate and form hard and brittle deposits. Similar to the damage caused by paraffin and mineral scale, these deposits can plug pore spaces in the reservoir and near well-bore area, form down-hole blockages and emulsions, cause pump failures and tubing blockages, separa-tion issues, and tank bottoms.
  • SCS offers high-performance chemicals capa-ble to stabilize asphaltene molecules in hydro-carbon liquids, reducing precipitation and dep-osition.


  • Foam in oilfield typically refers to the foam that forms in hydrocarbon production processing separators as a result of forced and rapid oil/gas separation.
  • Depending on the nature of the crude oil and the type of separation scheme used, foaming problems can curtail crude oil production and even cause unwanted and unexpected process shut-downs.
  • SCS Defoamer helps efficiently mitigate the foam problem


  • Paraffin Control
  • Demulsifier
  • Water Clarifier
  • Asphaltene Control
  • Defoamer