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Copper Mine Project


Solubility Test of Leach Tank Scales

  • Mine team collected fresh samples from leach tanks to be tested by SCS scale dissolver that has been sent to the location.
  • Five different scale samples have been prepared to be tested as illustrated in the following video.
  • In addition to another sample from the clarifier unit (located after CCD unit) has been collected to be tested with the others.

Final results of the solubility test

  • After soaking time for 12 hours; all the samples have been dissolved and the residuals became soft and easily to be eliminated.
  • The lab staff, metallurgists and management team attended the lab test to witness the results.
  • The final results are illustrated in the following video.

Mine Project

Site Visit and New Sample Collection
  • Site visit has been performed to five leach tanks and it’s found that one tank becomes out of service due to scale accumulation on the inner walls and the outlet pipeline.
  • Other new samples were given to us to be analyzed and evaluated from the following locations
    • HPL discharge scale
    • HPL scrubber scale
    • O2 unit scale
  • Other site visits performed to (clarifier unit, neutralization tanks, HPL scrubber units).